As International Women’s Day approaches on 8th March 2024, we take a moment to celebrate the remarkable journeys of women who defy stereotypes and excel in traditionally male-dominated industries. Our very own Chetna Sonigra and Kate Barros are both shining stars at Maintracts Services. Through their stories, we witness the power of determination, resilience, and breaking barriers. Join us as we explore their inspiring experiences, paving the way for women everywhere to pursue their passions fearlessly and thrive in any profession they choose.

Kate Barros

Kate joined Maintracts Services in September 2022, stepping into the role of Project Coordinator. Her responsibilities include providing crucial support to company directors and business coordinators, managing clerical administration, and handling email communications.

Embracing Diversity:

One of the things Kate loves about working in a male-dominated environment is the opportunity to offer a fresh perspective. Despite being one of the few women in her team, Kate finds a sense of camaraderie and enjoys the banter with less drama (that can sometimes present itself in female dominant environments). She emphasises the importance of breaking down gender barriers and fostering an environment of equality, where everyone’s voice is valued regardless of gender.

Contributing Meaningfully:

Kate believes that being a minority in her team gives her a unique voice and the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways. While acknowledging the feeling of equality within her team, Kate highlights the importance of diversity in perspectives and experiences. She emphasises that it’s not about one’s gender but about individual capabilities and contributions.

Building Resilience:

Navigating through a male-dominated industry has helped Kate build resilience. She admits to being stubborn and resilient, refusing to be put down or told she’s wrong, especially by men who imply it’s due to her gender. Kate finds motivation in proving stereotypes wrong and takes pride in surpassing expectations. From a young age, she has thrived in competition, challenging societal norms and defying stereotypes.

Chetna Sonigra

Chetna embarked on her journey with Maintracts Services in September 2014, stepping into the role of Admin and Accounts Assistant. Her responsibilities include managing emails, handling invoices, and providing essential support to the Managing Director with quotations, correspondence, and secretarial tasks.

Embracing the Environment:

Initially, Chetna found herself navigating a male-dominated environment, which felt strange and unfamiliar. Being the only woman in the office at that time posed its challenges, but Chetna didn’t let that deter her. Over time, she embraced the culture and actively engaged in discussions with her male colleagues, whether it was about sports or work-related matters. This integration not only boosted her confidence but also fostered a sense of belonging within the team.

Support and Professionalism:

Despite being in the minority, Chetna received unwavering support from her male colleagues. They embraced her as an equal and respected her contributions to the team. Chetna’s experience at Maintracts Services exemplifies the importance of mutual respect and professionalism, transcending gender boundaries and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Inspiring Confidence:

Chetna’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and adaptability. Through her willingness to step out of her comfort zone and engage with her male counterparts, she not only found her voice but also inspired confidence in herself. Chetna’s story serves as a reminder that success knows no gender and that with determination and resilience, anyone can thrive in any industry, regardless of societal norms.

As Kate and Chetna continue to excel in their roles, they inspire other women to pursue their passions fearlessly, regardless of societal expectations. Their stories serve as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women aspiring to carve their paths in traditionally male-dominated industries. With individuals like Kate and Chetna leading the way, the future looks bright for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. So, don’t be afraid and apply for the job that you really like.