Boiler servicing
in Wimbledon

Have you been looking for reliable engineers to service your boiler in Wimbledon? Here at Maintracts, we are a top-quality company that countless customers highly recommend. With excellent customer service and boiler servicing that will improve your home, what’s to turn down? We’ve been in this industry since 1974, so you can trust that we’ve built up valuable amounts of experience and knowledge, that will be put to good use in your Wimbledon property. From Arthur Road to Hillcross Avenue, customers are always satisfied with our excellent service and have peace of mind in their efficient boiler.

Quality and professional boiler servicing in Wimbledon

Our Gas Safe registered engineers come in good standing and work within a company that has over 40 years of experience. We have worked on all kinds of boilers in the past and we’re flexible, working in any kind of property you own whether this be residential or commercial. Whether your boiler manufacturer is Heatline, Ariston or another, we have the expertise to be able to fix your system so that there is no chance of a boiler breakdown throughout the year. Your boilers engineer will detect any problems that it could present and fix them before they become a problem. For a boiler service in Wimbledon that doesn’t disappoint, rely on Maintracts.

Why choose Maintracts for your boiler servicing in Wimbledon?

When you’re looking for boiler servicing in Wimbledon, we have traits that you can’t turn down. Keep reading to find out more about why you should choose us to work on your home:


Since 1974, we’ve been working diligently to make sure our expertise is useful for your home. If you need someone to repair your boiler, install your domestic appliances and more, we’re who to come to.


We always answer customer queries in a timely and accurate way. You’ll speak to our boiler professionals directly and we never use call centres or automated messages. This allows us to control the quality of information you receive.


To keep organised in our office, we use software to help us keep on top of our incoming jobs. This ensures that you’ll receive the best engineer for the job in your home, and it makes our office run smoothly and efficiently.


When our engineers are with you, our customer service won’t be anything but stellar. They’ll be approachable and polite, we promise! Customers never hesitate to recommend us, coming back for their yearly service.


Your point of contact will stay consistent over your time working with Maintracts. This enables you to be sure that your information is accurate, and your conversations can pick up where they left off with a knowledgeable expert.

Talk to one of
our boiler engineers

To service your boiler in Wimbledon, contract our Maintracts team on 020 868 22244, or email If you’d like to fill out our contact form instead, we can guarantee a call back within an hour!



To read some reviews on why boiler maintenance is important for our customers, visit our page. Customers in Wimbledon are consistently happy with the work we provide them, and their experiences couldn’t be better.


Expert boiler service for Wimbledon properties

At Maintracts, we make sure we invest in the greatest training for our engineers. This allows them to widen their skillset, not only benefitting your individual home but maintaining our high standard of work across Wimbledon. Our engineers are experienced in detecting any faults that could arise, and they service your boiler to prevent them.

It doesn’t matter what type or size your boiler is, we will do our best to provide you with a heating service that makes a difference. Our professional boiler experts have so much experience, that we can guarantee your home is truly in safe hands. You’ll never need to worry – whether it’s a boiler repair or a service, we’ve got you covered.

How your Wimbledon property could benefit from a professional boiler service

Unless you maintain your boiler, there could be underlying issues that you’re not aware of. To make sure that this doesn’t affect the way your Wimbledon home runs, make sure you get a regular service so that you don’t end up having to get your boiler replaced.

Improved efficiency

If you use less fuel to heat your home, your energy bills could be impacted in a positive way. To use less fuel, you need to make sure your boiler is running to its best ability. Maintracts’ boiler servicing can make this happen!

Reduced breakdown risk

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will work hard to find any issues that could be putting your boiler at risk. This will mean that there’s less likelihood of a boiler breakdown, and your central heating will be working all year round.

Eliminate harmful risks

Harmful risks that could be caused by your faulty boiler include a carbon monoxide leak. To prevent dangerous risks like this, your boiler service will ensure that a professional has done everything they can to prioritise safety.

Keep your guarantee

To keep your boiler and heating system guarantee valid, manufacturers are now requesting that owners get them serviced yearly. This is to maximise the amount of time they’ll be working at their optimum for, it’s a no-brainer!

Maintracts Services

For information on boiler repairs, servicing and installation in Wimbledon, or to speak with us about our other services like electrical, call our team on 020 868 22244  or We’re looking forward to speaking with you!