Unvented hot water cylinder installations
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Unvented hot water cylinder installations in London

Most homes in the UK have a combination boiler where the water supply is mains fed and heated on demand without the need for a large, water storage tank in the loft. However, in recent years, modern living has meant some homes with a high demand for hot water, such as those with many radiators or bathrooms, need an additional hot water storage solution to help cope with the demand. Installing an unvented hot water cylinder will enable you to heat and store a higher volume of domestic water until you need to use it, more than a combi boiler alone can provide.

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What types of hot water cylinders can London customers choose from?

The type of hot water cylinder that you will need as part of your heating system will depend on what boiler you have.

  • Vented and unvented cylinders
    There are two main types of hot water cylinders to choose between: vented and unvented. An unvented hot water cylinder takes its water supply directly from the mains while a vented hot water cylinder takes its water supply from a large cold water tank. This tank will usually be located in the attic as the pressure of the water supply relies on gravity.
  • Direct and indirect cylinders
    An unvented system heats water in one of two ways, depending on whether it is a direct or indirect cylinder. Direct hot water cylinders use an immersion heater to heat water within the cylinder itself. Indirect hot water cylinders use an external source to heat the water outside of the cylinder. This source usually takes the form of a boiler or solar panels. Direct and indirect cylinders are both suitable for vented system and unvented systems.

As professional heating engineers we are able to install all types of hot water cylinder and we will ensure the unvented hot water cylinder we install is the right choice for your heating and hot water requirements.

What are the benefits of having an unvented hot water cylinder installed?

Unvented hot water cylinders are the ideal hot water solution for modern living. They:

  • Receive a water supply directly from the mains
    This removes the need for a water tank in the loft, preventing homes with limited space from losing out on precious storage.
  • Eliminate the need for a tank of cold water and pipes in your loft
    With a vented system, there is a chance that pipes could freeze in winter or the water supply could be contaminated if the storage tank is poorly maintained.
  • Deliver a more reliable flow of water
    As the cylinder is supplied directly from the cold mains, water pressure tends to be stronger. The reliable flow of water this produces can supply multiple taps and showers at once.
  • Can be used alongside solar thermal panels
    Unvented cylinders can often be used alongside solar thermal panels, helping you to reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint.
  • Reduce noise within your home
    These hot water systems are quieter than a normal tank because the unvented cylinder fills directly, rather than by a slower gravity-fed system.

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Hot water cylinder servicing and repairs for London customers

We don’t just install hot water cylinders; we can repair and service them as well. Similar to a gas boiler, manufacturers recommend that your hot water cylinder is serviced annually to prevent major faults developing. This will ensure that all the controls and safety devices are working correctly.

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