Boiler servicing
in South London

Since 1974, Maintracts has been providing South London with top quality services for their annual boiler check. From Bexley to Richmond on roads such as Laurel Close and Wakefield Road, our experienced team has serviced boilers in residential and commercial buildings alike. Our reputation is renowned for being dependable and efficient with excellent service, and our Gas Safe registered engineers work hard to make sure your property runs smoothly. Come to Maintracts to make sure your South London home has a central heating system and a boiler that works to a high standard.

Quality and professional boiler servicing in South London

Our manufacturers and our engineers are both capable of making sure your boiler in South London is in tip-top condition, no matter your property. Our work is always stellar with customer service that makes people smile. Having been in business for more than 40 years we are confident in our engineers and their abilities, and you can trust them to treat your home with care. Your annual service will be carried out to a high standard of work and will do wonders for the health of your boiler. At Maintracts, there are no ongoing contracts that dictate when you need to get in touch with us – you can service your boiler in South London at a time that works best for your requirements. We’re here for you whenever you need us!

Why choose Maintracts for your boiler servicing in South London?

By choosing Maintracts to carry out your annual boiler service in South London, you’re signing up to customer service that is unrivalled. Our reputation precedes us, here’s why!


Since 1974, we’ve been gaining experience and knowledge in our field. By now, we know exactly how to help our customers so that their boiler works efficiently. Whether it’s for your annual service or for boiler repairs, you can count on us to get the job done.


When you want to talk with us, you’ll never be met with someone from a call centre or an automated voice machine. Instead, you’ll speak with one of our specialists to make sure you get the information you need. We won’t keep you waiting for answers to your questions.


Our software allows us to assign jobs to the engineer most suited to your needs. This means that you can rest assured you always have the best person for the job carrying out your service. This helps our company run smoothly and increases our standard of work.


We’re proud of our team – they’ll always be well presented, professional and approachable. Each one of our customers will get service that matches the high standard of the job we carry out. Your home will always be in safe hands with Maintracts.


When you come to work with us, we’ll partner you with a point of contact within our team. This way, they can update you with any information pertaining to your boiler service quickly – they’ll always know what’s going on with your boiler and heating services.

Talk to one of
our boiler engineers

To find out more about how to arrange your annual boiler service in South London, call us on 020 868 22244 or email, You can also fill out our contact form and we will contact you within 60 minutes!



With excellent results all over South London, our team’s standard of work is unmatched. With Maintracts your annual boiler service will go off without a hitch! Here’s what our customers say about us:


Expert boiler service for South London properties

The level of expertise in our team at Maintracts is endless, and this is due to our great amount of training when someone joins our team. Your boiler’s engineer, as well as our plumbers and heating engineers are trained to a high standard of work in order to widen their skill set. This ensures that your South London home is in the best hands.

Due to our knowledge of major gas boiler manufacturers, we’ll be able to service your boiler whether it’s old or new, big or small. We’ll identify and solve any possible problems that we see within your boiler, and we’ll also maintain its health to ensure that the year ahead is issue-free. We’ll do all of this with minimal disruption! For quality boiler services, come to Maintracts.

How your South London property could benefit from a professional boiler service

You may not know it at this point, but if your boiler’s health decreases it could cause many problems for you and your home. By having an annual service and maintaining your boiler’s health, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your boiler will always provide you with hot water and heating.

Improved efficiency

By having a fully functioning boiler all year round, you can improve the efficiency within your property. If your boiler is in good health, your central heating will be more effective throughout your home. This could result in a decrease in your energy bills!

Reduced breakdown risk

Your annual service could save your boiler from a breakdown. Our Gas Safe registered engineers can catch and prevent any problems before they happen, meaning the health of your boiler is always maintained. Your home in South London won’t have to suffer without hot water.

Eliminate harmful risks

Did you know that a faulty boiler can lead to some dangerous results, like a carbon monoxide leak? In order to protect your health and that of your home’s inhabitants, sign up for your annual boiler check. This will mean that your boiler is maintained to prevent these faults from happening.

Keep your guarantee

At this point, many boiler manufacturers require you to service your boiler every year in order to keep its guarantee. This means that your annual boiler service will actually protect your investment, helping your boiler last that little bit longer within your home.

Maintracts Services

To speak with us about our professional plumbing and heating services or to enquire about your yearly boiler service, give us a call on 020 868 22244 or email and we will be happy to talk with you.