Boiler servicing
in Knightsbridge

If you are seeking fully qualified heating engineers for boiler servicing in Knightsbridge, look no further than Maintracts. Since 1974, we have taken care of boiler replacements, repairs and servicing for London residents, more specifically in Knightsbridge on Ennismore Street and Brompton Square. Due to the wealth of experience that we possess, we are an obvious choice to carry out a check-up on your system, to ensure your home continues to be heated all year round.

Quality and professional boiler servicing in Knightsbridge

We understand the importance of maintaining high standards when the time comes to service your boiler. Over our 40+ years of operation, we have built our reputation for consistency and knowledge. We have worked on all types of gas and combi boilers for Knightsbridge customers, so regardless of the type of system you have in your property, you can relax knowing we are the right team for the job. We also don’t involve contracts in our heating services, so you will only have to call us when you need a service or something more urgent such as an emergency boiler repair.

Why choose Maintracts for your boiler servicing in Knightsbridge?

Whether it’s boiler replacements, repairs or servicing, we are committed to maintaining the same level of service to our customers in Knightsbridge by ensuring our engineers meet certain standards…


We have maintained the same standards since Maintracts was established in 1974. Since then, we have only improved and developed our team so that they continue to maintain our status as leading boiler engineers in Knightsbridge.


It is our aim to give customers the most straightforward experience possible when dealing with our team. This is why we will never use automated answer machines, you can speak to one of our experts as soon as possible to book in an appointment.


In order to assign the right engineer for the job, we use software to assign your boiler to the member of our team with the best knowledge and experience on that specific system. This way, your boiler can be serviced more quickly and effectively.


Each of our team are expected to maintain Maintracts standards throughout every job, by arriving on time and being as polite and presentable as possible whilst servicing your boiler in Knightsbridge.


You will be given a clear point of contact who will keep you informed on the boiler servicing process. They will be easy for you to contact should you have any further questions and will be well qualified to complete the job.

Talk to one of
our boiler engineers

If you would like to make an enquiry regarding boiler installation or servicing in Knightsbridge, call us today on 020 868 22244, or email You can also fill out our contact form and our team will respond within 60 minutes!



If you would like to understand the levels of customer service we look to bring to every job in Knightsbridge, read some reviews from recent work we have done.


Expert boiler service for Knightsbridge properties

Regardless of whether it’s plumbing emergencies such as blocked drains or heating concerns like boiler breakdowns, we go the extra mile to ensure our team are as well-qualified as possible. The time and money we invest in training for our Gas Safe registered boiler engineers is important, so we can continue to deliver the best customer service possible.

Through our years of experience and training, we have been able to become proficient in combi and gas boiler service and repair. This means that, regardless of the manufacturer or type of system, we are well qualified to carry out various detailed checks to verify everything is in working order.

How your Knightsbridge property could benefit from a professional boiler service

Many boiler manufacturers recommend arranging a service every 12 months, so that your boiler continues to function at full capacity. There are numerous benefits you could see from doing this:

Improved efficiency

An efficient boiler is essential to reducing the amount of wasted energy and keeping your monthly energy bills low. Once our engineers begin servicing, they will ensure that your system is being as energy efficient as possible by carrying out a number of checks.

Reduced breakdown risk

By carrying out a regular service, our team will be able to identify any issues at their early stages, fixing them early on so you can avoid a complete boiler breakdown.

Eliminate harmful risks

Our Gas Safe registered team can also carry out any checks on your boiler no matter the type of system you have. Dangerous faults such as carbon monoxide leak can be identified and resolved by our engineers before they pose any more risk to you.

Keep your guarantee

You may not be aware that some manufacturers consider an annual service an essential part of keeping your guarantee valid. To avoid taking this risk, you may wish to get one booked in, giving you peace of mind over the health of your boiler.

Maintracts Services

To find out more about servicing, as well as other boiler repair services, speak to Maintracts today. Call us now on 020 868 22244 or email to find out more about how we can help you.