Following on from last weeks article about electrical safety and tenant rights, we’re looking at the visual checks you can make at home to protect you and those who live with you.

While we advise that you should always ask a professional to repair electrical faults, there are things you can do to prevent potentially dangerous situations at home.

  • Never overload your plug sockets
  • Look for scorch marks around plugs and sockets – this is a sign of an electrical problem
  • Make sure that all leads are not damaged (be sure to check on a regular basis if you have pets that like to chew wires!)
  • Check that your sockets and plugs are not damaged
  • Do not store flammable items around your electrical meter, fusebox or electrical intake
  • Do not place cables under carpets or rugs
  • Never take mains powered items into the bathroom
  • Always switch off electrical items when they are not in use
  • Don’t place electrical items near water

Do not store anything on top of the microwave

If you find that you have an electrical problem please contact us for further advice.