There are approximately 70 deaths and 350,000 injuries in UK homes caused by faulty electrics and electrical equipment every year and if you live in a rented property, statistics show that you are at a higher risk of electric shock.

While it’s clear that gas safety is a landlords responsibility, there seems to be a blurred line when it comes to who is responsible for electrical safety in rented accommodation. While tenants are responsible for the electrical appliances that they own, did you know that by law your landlord must ensure that electrical installations and wiring are maintained throughout your tenancy?

Whether you are moving in to new rented accommodation or learning about this for the first time, you can ask your landlord for an Electrical Installation Condition Report (which confirms that all electrical installations have been assessed and are safe to use). It is recommended by Electrical Safety First that this inspection takes places every five years OR when tenants change. They must also have certification confirming that any recent electrical work meets the UK national standards BS 7671.

If you have a problem and your landlord is not cooperating you must contact your local authority who will help. It is a landlord’s legal obligation to ensure that their tenants are safe.

Most importantly – do not attempt electrical repairs yourself. Please contact your landlord who should arrange a visit from your local electrician.

(Information and statistics: Electrical Safety First).