With so many of us becoming increasingly concerned with our own long-term well-being, as well as the health of the environment in which we live and breathe, it is no surprise that we have seen a surge in enquiries relating to water filter taps. Afterall, water is what keeps us alive, we drink masses of it every day. It is our lifeline, and as such, the quality of the water we drink is vital for a healthy body and mind. We explore some of the benefits of filtering water and share our recommendations for the best filtered water taps currently on the market…

Bid farewell to water impurities

Installing a filtered water tap will remove water impurities and dangerous contaminants such as chloride, and in some cases, lead. Lead service pipes were phased out some fifty years ago, but while none of the UK water mains are made of lead, and water leaving supply works do not contain lead, some older pre-1970 properties may still have lead pipes in them or connecting to the water mains.

Whilst water filter taps will help remove any nasty, dangerous contaminants that may harm your health long-term, filter taps can also ensure that the good minerals such as magnesium, fluoride, calcium, and zinc are retained for you to consume.

Removing all the impurities will give your health a boost

Drinking purer water will help your body in so many ways:

  • Your immune system will be strengthened. Drinking purer water will help your body detoxify and a toxin free body will help keep you immune to illnesses.
  • Give life to your kidneys. The kidneys regulate blood pressure, maintains the water level in the body and filters waste. When we drink water that has been cleared of toxins, it helps the kidneys do their job and perform effectively.
  • Hydrates skin. Reduce those fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating your body regularly. Filtered water will help boost skin cells to illuminate your face.
  • Fights fatigue. When we are dehydrated, our energy levels slump. Drinking an adequate amount of filtered water will not only improve energy but will help maintain a healthy heart rate and blood pressure level too.

A step towards a greener planet

Being able to access filtered water direct from a tap at home or place of work makes buying bottled water less of an appealing option. Plastic bottles take hundreds of years to degrade, and more water is used producing the bottle itself than it does to fill it. Installing a water filter tap will ensure you are doing your bit to reduce pollution and the harmful effects it has on the environment.

You will save money

If you usually buy bottled water, you will be saving yourself a small fortune in the long run by opting for a water filter tap instead.  Plus, the water will be of higher quality than a bottled alternative.

Above all else, filtered water actually tastes and smells better too. The lack of impurities means you can actually taste the minerals (which taste good), rather than the chlorine tainted taste of unfiltered tap water.

Brands we recommend when purchasing a water filter tap

Oliver Osmore, Director at Maintracts Services, explains:

“Most tap manufacturers produce taps with integral filtered water functions nowadays. However, the brand we generally specify is Grohe.  We find Grohe products to be good value and much better quality than the similarly priced alternatives.  Grohe’s water filter taps are known as Grohe Blue and there are various styles. Some even have carbonated and chilled water functions. Grohe Red refers to their range of boiling water taps.

BWT (Best Water at Home) water filters are another great option. This brand installs filters at the point where the water enters your home. They prevent extraneous particles from penetrating the domestic system and ensure protection, clean pipes, and clean, safe drinking water throughout the house.

Always choose a filter that suits your needs in terms of installation, contaminant removal, volume filtered and cost. Plus, always make sure that it’s manufactured by a credible brand.”

With so many benefits derived from filtering your water, installing a water filter tap seems like a no brainer. Bottled water may come out from the ground, but groundwater can become contaminated, so water still needs to go through a filtration process before it is bottled up and sold.

Water that comes out of your tap goes also goes through a filtration process, but chemicals are added in order to clean it.  By adding a water filter to your tap, you will be cleaning drinkable water and reaping the associated health benefits. For anyone prone to buying bottled water, you will save money too. When you work out how much you spend on bottled water per month, we guarantee a filter will pay for itself in no time at all. Plus, you will be saving tons of plastic from wrecking more havoc on the earth’s ecosystems.