The cold weather isn’t backing down, so here are some of our quick and affordable tips on how to keep the warmth in your home this weekend.

If you have an unused chimney it is worth getting a chimney balloon. At around £20, these balloons will inflate and stop a large amount of heat being lost – just remember to remove the balloon before you use your fire again!

Draft excluders are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your home warm. Look for key areas that might be letting cold air in – such as front and garden doors. You can use ones that are long cushions or brush excluders that are attached to the bottom of your door.

Place heat reflective tin foil behind your radiators (especially those attached to external walls) to reduce heat loss and reflect it back in to the room. You can get the heat reflective foil for as little as £10, but standard tin foil can be used too (just not as effective).

Move your furniture! If you have large items of furniture blocking your radiators then you need to move them – they can absorb the heat. You can also place shelving above your radiator to stop the heat from rising.

If you are still finding that your home is cold then you may need to have your heating and your boiler serviced. If you would like to find out more then please get in touch.

Image: Andrew Beierle