This week Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First, wrote a post in the Huffington Post blog announcing the launch of the Registered Competent Person Electrical Mark.

He opened his post with the startling fact that someone in the UK dies from an electrical accident every week, and that dodgy electrics cause half of all house fires and result in 350,000 serious injuries a year.

Those are some serious numbers, however, according to research carried out by Electrical Safety First, the use of non-registered electricians has trebled in the last year. Figures currently estimate that there are around 20,000 non-registered electricians in the UK alone.

Using an electrician who is registered with a government-approved scheme operator is the only way to guarantee they have the skills and qualifications to the job properly.

Many consumers often use unregistered electricians because they don’t know what qualifications to look for or how to check them, which is why Electrical Safety First have helped launch the official consumer mark for registered electricians in England and Wales: the Registered Competent Person Electrical Mark. The mark will provide an instant visible safety assurance and the accompanying website lists in one place all electricians registered with one of the government approved scheme operators.

You can find out more by visiting – you’ll find Maintracts listed in the directory!

You can read Phil’s full post in the Huffington Post here.