There are a lot of toilets in the UK, approximately 45 million – that’s around 2 billion litres of water being flushed away every day! What can you do to ensure you use the least amount of water possible when using the toilet?

  • Get a cistern displacement device (CDD). A CDD displaces around 1 litre of water when you flush and are free from most water companies
  • Don’t throw rubbish down the toilet; the more you throw away the more times you will need to flush!
  • You can purchase a water efficient toilet. Purchasing a dual flush toilet will enable you to choose how much water you want to use every time you flush. Standard toilets use up to 13 litres of water every time you flush, a dual flush uses between 4 – 6 litres of water per flush

If you would like to find out more about water efficient toilets contact the Maintracts bathroom installations team.