Easter is not far away, which means spring cleaning and home renovations are on many peoples to do lists. To help you plan the big clean, we’ve come up with our very own to-do list to help you kick things off.

Dusting: Make sure that aside from the obvious areas, you dust around skirting boards, light fixtures and lamps, ceiling fans, in between blind slats, bannisters, picture frames, air vents and ceiling corners.

Vacuum: Carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains, pet beds and behind large items of furniture.

Boiler: If it’s been a year (or more) since your last boiler service, schedule one now.

Guttering: Clear all guttering, check for blockages and leaks.

Wash: Doors, windows, walls, blinds, light shades, curtains, carpet, air vents, fridge, cupboards, banisters, ovens and microwaves.

Descale: Kettle, sink, taps and shower heads.

Polish: Furniture, glassware, silverware, picture frames, flooring and mirrors.

Touch up: Clean scuffs on walls and touch up paint, remove damp and mould, repair damaged upholstery,

Furniture: Condition leather, deep clean fabric upholstery (including foot stools and pet beds), wash all cushions and blankets.

Replace: Broken light bulbs, batteries in smoke detectors, batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and extractor fan filters.

Clear out: Sell unwanted items online or donate to charity, recycle broken electrical items, check garage and loft space for unwanted items.

We may not have covered everything, but we think this is enough to get you going.

Image by Sanja Gjenero