As the daffodils and other spring beauties start to blossom, many of us will use the brighter, milder days to spring clean our homes and gardens ready for the summer months. It’s important to make sure you add a few plumbing checks to your ‘to do’ list too.  Here are a few tips on what you can do during springtime to ensure your waterworks are in tip top condition and do not fall victim to avoidable water damage, leaks, clogged drainage and the associated hassle and costs.

Deal with water leaks

It is important to conserve as much water as possible to protect the environment as well as avoiding unnecessary damage to your home. Keeping an eye out for any leaks connected to sprinklers and outdoor faucets is a suitable place to start. Outdoor pipes can easily freeze and break over the winter months so, if you notice a water leak in your home the first time you turn on your hose or other faucets, this is likely a sign that one of your pipes if frozen or broken due to the harsh freezing temperatures experienced over winter.

Check for leaky taps and showerheads too. Don’t just put up with a dripping tap or shower, it is not only annoying but, the water wasted by drips can add up to significant amounts. Getting minor fixes like this done at this time of year will not only help conserve water it will ensure you won’t have to deal with the resulting damage later in the year once the problem has likely escalated.

Check under your sinks and supply hoses

Leaks can occur in the supply hoses that run to your kitchen components, like your dishwasher or washing machine, so be sure to take a look under your sinks and check. Look out for moisture, puddles of water, any rust or corrosion etc. While we are on the subject of washing machines, if your machine has a filter (the bit that catches all the fluff, small coins and other debris that often fall out of clothes pockets/crevices when being washed to prevent them getting to the pump), make sure it is kept clean. If it gets blocked, water can remain in the machine and leaks may occur.

Clean your guttering and down spouts

The guttering on your roof may not look it, but it plays a particularly important role in protecting your home’s well-being.  Gutters serve to catch and control the flow of rainwater that lands on your roof and direct it away from your home. Freeing your gutters of debris on a regular basis will help prevent water from damaging your roof, eroding your foundations, and from damaging the structure, siding an exterior of your home.

Look out for toilet leaks and ineffective flushing

If you are not sure if your toilet is leaking or not, try putting a few drops of food colouring in your toilet tank. If the colour appears in the toilet bowl within half an hour, you will know if you have a leak that may need a plumber to take a look before it worsens. As for flushing, if you are having to hold or shake the handle to get a decent flush, you might need to have some parts replaced. An effective flush will not only save your patience it will save water too!

Check and repair heating appliances

It may seem a little unnecessary to start fixing heating issues with summer just around the corner but, after a long winter that’s given your boiler, radiators and gas fires a hard workout, it is important to check that they haven’t developed any faults or leaks that may come back to bite you next winter, if left unresolved.

We recommend having a professional Gas Safe engineer conduct checks and repairs to heating appliances. Here at Maintracts, all our engineers are Gas Safe registered and our expert boiler services have helped thousands of London homeowners. Whether you have some unusual sounds emitting from your boiler, heating or water pressure problems, problems with your water heater, a suspected gas leak or other installation, service, or repair enquiry, we can help.