It’s easy to not think about the things that keep your home running. Lets be honest, conversations about your plumbing aren’t the most exciting of topics, but it’s important to know the what to look out for to avoid any damaging or expensive problems.

While there are no laws about checking plumbing, it’s advisable to check your plumbing (and your tenants if you’re a landlord) once a year. Any room that contains a visible pipe should be checked.

If you see stains, flaking, dimples or discolouration then you could have a problem with corrosion. Leaks are another problem you should be looking out for – even a small leak can be an indication that there’s a wider problem.

It’s also good to keep an eye on the colour of your water. If it looks brown in colour then it may mean there is rust in the water – another sign of corrosion and decay.

If you think that your plumbing needs maintenance or replacing then please get in touch.