When the opportunity to remodel your bathroom comes, you don’t need to limit your options based on the original type and design of the room. You must consider using different fixtures and a new layout as these improvements can make the money you spend on the remodel worth it.

You have many types of bathrooms to choose from; your choice should mostly depend on its location in your home. For instance, if the bathroom is right next to the entryway leading to your living room, you might want to turn it into a powder room. If it is accessible from the main or public areas in the house, you can turn it into a lavatory for guests to use. The bathrooms that are situated deeper into your home are then for your family’s private use.

There are five basic types of bathrooms for residential properties for which Maintracts Services Ltd can install fixtures and sanitary ware. Here’s a quick review:

  1. 2-Fixture Bathroom – As the name suggests, this bathroom only has two main fixtures: a toilet and a washbasin. Also known as a half-bath, the 2-fixture bathroom is essentially the powder room for house guests to use.
  2. 3-Fixture Bathroom – This is the most basic and common type of bathroom for residences. Its three primary fixtures are the toilet, washbasin and a shower or bath (with or without a showerhead). This bathroom has no compartments and is designed for one person to use at a time. 3-fixture bathrooms can vary in size; as long as all three main fixtures are present, it falls under this classification of bathrooms.
  3. Large Bathroom (4-Fixture or 5-Fixture) – This type of bathroom is more common in large, family houses where it makes sense to have four to five fixtures in one massive bathroom. A 4-fixture bathroom usually has two washbasins (a “his and hers” set-up), one shower or bath and a toilet. A 5-fixture bathroom, on the other hand, often has two toilets, two washbasins, and a bathtub with shower. This bathroom uses the massive size of the room to full advantage: both toilets and the bathtub can have their own compartments within the bathroom.
  4. Compartment Bathroom – Speaking of compartments, this feature refers to the interior partitions of the bathroom. Compartments often enclose the shower or bath area, allowing more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time. Compartment bathrooms are often found in mid-sized houses with bathrooms that are large enough to accommodate a semi-permanent partition. These offer privacy to individuals who want to take a bath without preventing anyone else from using the toilet.
  5. Utility Bathroom – This classification got its name from the extra features built into the bathroom. One example is a bathroom that doubles as a dressing area. It will have all the necessary lavatory fixtures as well as a counter with impressive lighting, mirror and a chair. It may even have an island counter with custom drawers for jewellery, accessories, designer scarves or other accessories. Utility bathrooms of the wealthy homeowners are often ensuites to customised and luxurious walk-in closets.

Which of these bathroom types do you want to have in your home? Decide with your designer and contractor, then get in touch with a plumbing installation company that you can trust to install all necessary fixtures and sanitary ware in your bathroom.

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