It’s the final week of our eco friendly Christmas special and there’s only one thing left to cover – the big day itself! No matter how big or small, making an environmentally friendly choice on Christmas day will make a difference.

Buy local

Buy your meat and vegetables as local as you can. Not only will you be supporting your local producers, you’ll be helping to save the environment by buying food that hasn’t travelled far in petrol guzzling trucks.

Cool down

Fridges suck up your electricity, especially when they’re trying to cool food and drinks down. Don’t use your fridge to chill your drinks, put them in your garden, and if it’s snowing, collect the snow in a bucket and place your bottles in it! When you’re cooling your food make sure that it has cooled to room temperature before putting it in the fridge (your fridge will have to work harder to cool the food if it is still warm). And try not to overfill your fridge; air needs to flow freely otherwise it will use more energy to keep your food cool.

Table Wear

You can now have an eco friendly Christmas table! From recycled plates to placemats, you can get everything you need to have an ethical Christmas lunch.


The easiest way to be eco friendly at Christmas is to recycle. From wrapping paper to leftover food, crackers to drink bottles, you can be sure that there will be a lot of waste. If you have a regular collection then all you need to do is make sure you separate your waste, but if you don’t have a regular collection then why not take it to your local recycling centre? Recycle Now lists all centres around the UK and many of them also recycle electricals and garden waste.

Christmas tree

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet buy a potted one. Once Christmas is over you can place it in the garden and use it year after year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our top tips on how to have an energy efficient Christmas. Let us know if you have any top tips that you would like to share!