The festive season is well underway and we’re continuing our rundown of the best ways to have an eco friendly Christmas. Last week we looked at some of the great gifts you can get for the eco warrior in your life. This week we take a look at decorations, gift wrap and crackers!

Gift wrap

The most eco friendly way to wrap a present is to re-use old wrapping and gift bags, or even old magazines and newspapers, but there are lots of options available on the high street and online that will make you feel a little more saintly when giving your presents.

Paperchase offer recycled plain paper wrapping (which you could customise!), while Re-wrapped offer a great range of printed, recycled designs. You can also find lots of amazing designs on sites such as Not on the HighStreet.


Most people use the same decorations every year, but if you want to add something new to your collection then there are some great ways to be a bit more environmentally friendly. The cheapest option can be found in your local park! Pinecones make a wonderful, and festive, decoration. Place them in a jar with LED fairy lights for a festive centre piece, or use some ribbon to tie them to your tree. If, however, you don’t have a park near you then head to Nigel’s ECO store who offer a great range of recycled decorations. From old CDs to glass, every decoration is recycled.


Crackers are a vital part of the Christmas meal, but can create a lot of waste. These crackers are not only recycled, but the gifts are also eco friendly too!

Next week is the final instalment in our eco friendly Christmas special where we’ll be looking at the big day!

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