In a typical household, the bathroom can be a popular place (especially for families and those with image obsessed teenagers!). As a hive of activity, it can often prove difficult to keep the room and surfaces in tip top condition.  Here are some useful ways you can avoid mess, mould and the build-up of bacteria to help keep your bathroom and its contents as clean and healthy as possible.

Improve ventilation and air circulation

It’s a simple tip but, opening a window and letting in some fresh air is actually one of the easiest things you can do to improve the air quality in your bathroom and keep it well ventilated. It’s especially useful when showering and cleaning (even if it is just for a 10/15 minutes after a shower, at regular intervals throughout the day).

A build-up of steam and damp (which leads to condensation) can provide an attractive habitat for mould, fungi and a host of other nasties which can sometimes lead to some horrid health issues.

There are lots of ways you can help reduce interior condensation including:

  • Using an extractor fan and opening windows after showers and baths to help circulate the air in the bathroom.
  • Try to prevent leaks from your roof and any associated water damage.
  • Avoid drying your washing in the bathroom and dry it outside instead (if possible).
  • Remove mould straight away and wipe down windowsills regularly to keep condensation down.

Utilise air plants

Houseplants are great little air cleaning companions.  They have the ability to clean our air of toxins and release humidity back into the atmosphere.  People are often wary of putting plants in bathrooms, mostly because they are worried plants won’t survive the fluctuating temperatures, constant humidity, and lots (or a little) of sunlight depending on what direction windows face and how many there are.

However, it is just a matter of finding the right kind.  There are also lots of plants that are great at soaking up the humidity from showers and baths – Air plants, such as Tillandsia, are great at this.  Plus, they don’t need planters or potting mix because instead of using roots to absorb water and nutrients, air plants absorb both from the air.  They tolerate a wide range of conditions but are happiest in a spot with indirect light and high humidity.

Keep toothbrushes as clean as possible

Twice a day toothbrushing can cause mess.  There are parents all around the globe visualising the mirror splashes and daily toothpaste blobs residing in the sink as they read this!  Our tips here are to store toothbrushes upright to air dry naturally.  Have a stack of cleaning cloths and anti-bacterial cleaner at the ready to wipe the sink and keep germs at bay.

As we’ve already discussed, bacteria can linger in the air of the bathroom due to the humid and damp conditions, having your window open more often can also mean flies and bugs are likely to frequent the room.  Therefore, keeping your toothbrush clean is important.  Simple things like rinsing it under hot water before and after use or even soaking it in antibacterial mouthwash or denture cleansing solution, can really help make a difference.

Simply, let your toothbrush sit, head down, in a small cup of mouthwash or denture cleanser for a few minutes.

Shower curtain top tip

If you are still partial to a shower curtain rather than a screen or walk in shower, you may have noticed black mildew and mould, can fester on it, particularly around the bottom of the curtain.  This is due to an accumulation of moisture as a result of it not having a chance to dry out properly.  Ensure you pull your curtain closed all the way to allow water to run down the curtain. You can even try fixing the shower rail a foot away from the bath edge with a slightly longer shower curtain that can be tucked into the bath. After the shower, the wet curtain hangs away from the tub to allow more air to circulate – mould and mildew hate fresh air!

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