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If you are the proud owner of a Worcester Bosch boiler and you need to know how to reset it, read on.

Sometimes, during the winter months, your boiler may run into a few small issues. You might need to hit the reset button when your boiler is having a moment – sometimes it just needs a fresh start after a minor hiccup, such as a drop in water pressure, or a safety feature kicking in. It’s like giving it a little nudge to get back on track and fulfil its job of keeping you warm and cosy.

It’s one of the few jobs that you can undertake without enlisting the help of a heating engineer so knowing how to reset your boiler could prevent you from being left without access to heat and hot water when you need it the most.

Before, we get onto the ‘how,’ it’s important to understand when a boiler reset is needed. In some cases, a reset will be insufficient or even a safety hazard…

When can I safely reset my Worcester Boiler?

Safety first! If you detect a gas smell or have any safety concerns related to your boiler, evacuate your property immediately and dial 0800 111 999 for emergency gas service. Gas issues can be hazardous and may lead to explosions.

Now, let’s talk about resetting your Worcester boiler. It’s important to note that resetting won’t fix underlying problems. If you’re not sure about fixing the root cause yourself, always call a qualified heating engineer to help.

However, there are instances where resetting is appropriate. For example, if your boiler has a blue flashing light without any other issues, it’s worth a shot. Also, if your boiler is in lockout mode, a reset might do the trick.

If you spot an error code, such as an E9 fault code, consult your boiler’s manual for guidance. Error codes vary, and while some are DIY-friendly, many require the expertise of a qualified heating engineer.

A quick tip: Worcester Bosch error codes often come with a blue flashing light. Stay safe and consider professional help, especially if you’re uncertain about the fix or if it involves tasks beyond your capabilities.

A quick and easy guide to resetting a Worcester boiler

  • Press and hold the reset button on the front of the boiler’s control panel.

Worcester boiler reset button

  • Hold the reset button down for 3-5 seconds to make sure the boiler correctly resets before you can check the system again and check everything is working accurately.
  • If your boiler doesn’t have a reset button, it may have a feature light that you can use to reset it. This is normally found on the temperature dial. If you are in any doubt, always check the manual to see if your boiler comes with a reset light.
  • If your boiler does have a reset light on the temperature dial, turn it all the way down until you reach the reset light.
  • Hold it there for 3-5 seconds until it returns to its initial position. Again, check the boiler is now working correctly.

To avoid future problems, we always recommend having your Worcester Bosch boiler serviced annually to ensure any issues are caught early before they become bigger, costlier problems later down the line. Plus, having a Worcester boiler serviced annually by a qualified heating engineer is necessary to keep your Worcester Bosch guarantee active. When a boiler service has been carried out, our heating engineer will issue you a service record for you to keep for future inspections and to use as proof that your inspection has been carried out. This can be used to keep your guarantee valid. Find out more about what to expect from a boiler service here.

For more information on common Worcester Bosch boiler error codes, click here.

If you are struggling with a faulting boiler, it’s always best to try and get the problem fixed before it escalates and leaves you without heat or hot water. If you would like to talk to a member of our family run team, contact us at your convenience.