During the winter months our use of electrical products increases. At one time you could have a lot of appliances on at once: cooker, heater, lights, heated blanket, tumble dryer, fridge, kettle and more. The more electrical appliances you have on, the higher the risk of electrical fires and injuries. Follow our winter electrical safety advice to keep your family and friends safe this winter.

  • Check your plugs, wires and sockets. If they are damaged or worn then look to repair or replace them to avoid electric shock and fires (make sure that any repairs are performed by a qualified electrician
  • Don’t overload extension leads or try to extend them by plugging one in to another
  • Do not leave lamps or fairy lights plugged in when you are out or sleeping. Use a timer  to ensure that they always switch off at night time
  • Do not leave mobile devices to charge over night
  • Do not leave your mobile devices to charge under your pillow
  • Never dry your clothes over an electrical heater
  • Make sure that you turn off any appliances that don’t need to be on while you are out or in bed
  • Don’t leave your kitchen appliances like dishwashers and washing machines on unattended

If you do have any electrical problems, make sure to contact your local electrician.