When it is hot and sunny outside, we understand that booking a boiler service might be the last thing on your mind!  However, adding this simple task to your spring/summer ‘to do’ list could offer some serious benefits to you and your household. We discuss the main benefits of a summertime spruce up for your boiler…

We recommend having a boiler service carried out every year to keep things working as efficiently as possible. Plus, preventative measures are always less costly and less hassle than letting little problems into plumbing and heating emergencies too! There are lots of benefits to arranging your service out of season, including:

Optimum efficiency and potentially lower energy bills

As part of your boiler service, our Gas Safe registered heating engineers will check to see if the boiler is running as efficiently as it should be. If it isn’t, it may be using more fuel to carry out its job of heating your home, which will result in you spending more on your heating bills.  We will always discuss any suggested corrections or repairs we feel may be needed with our customers, and if requested to by the customer, carry them out.

If these checks are carried out in the summer when your boiler is unlikely being used for central heating, any efficiency shortfalls can be remedied before the temperature drops and you need to vamp up the thermostat dial again. This means you’ll not only enjoy a more efficient boiler during the winter period, but you’ll likely save on energy consumption and spend too.

Early detection will ensure minimal disruption

Nobody wants to be turning their heating on come winter, only to find it has stopped working. It’s frustrating, disruptive, and unnecessary.  Despite this, every year, we get thousands of calls from October onwards from customers who have done just this – they’ve not used their boiler in the summer when its warm enough to do without it, only to find that when they need to turn it on come autumn, parts of the boiler have seized or the pipes have corroded, or there is an unusual error code flashing on the boiler’s monitor!

Choosing a summer boiler service, when your boiler is not in regular use will allow for your boiler to be ignited and have a chance to run and avoid problems arising. It will also allow our Gas Safe heating engineer to identify any potential problems that could lead to breakdown when the boiler is used again at its full capacity during winter. You’ll be able to get any problems corrected in the summer when it is less disruptive to be without it.


As we discussed earlier, prevention is typically always better than cure. Like servicing your car, servicing your boiler regularly will allow you to catch potential problems early and nip them in the bud before they escalate into bigger, more expensive problems further down the line, such as a complete boiler breakdown. Again, servicing in summer means your boiler will be working, and working reliably and efficiently for when you need it most. Plus, it is much easier to have your boiler repaired when it is warmer, and you do not have to find alternative expensive heating methods or even move out of your home while the work is conducted.

Convenience and availability

Ask any of our heating engineer and they will tell you that their busiest time of year is from October through to March when everyone turns up the thermostat after a long summer break only to find the rads are not heating up!  Opting for a summer boiler service will make it much easier to get a boiler service appointment quicker and at a time convenient to you. Our engineers will be less busy and will not need to prioritise emergency boiler repairs during this time either.

Plus, summer is holiday time for the kids, so if you are a parent to young children, it may be more convenient for you to book in a boiler service when you are off work with the children during the break.

If you have never booked a boiler service with Maintracts before, Check out our blog: servicing a boiler expectations to answer all your questions and queries on the topic including cost, time and what’s included. When you are ready, get in touch with one of our team and we’ll get you booked in.

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