We recently wrote about Whirpool’s tumble dryer recall. Since then there have been further reports about unsafe machines. Recently a relative of one of the Maintract’s team had a tumble dryer that set on fire (not Whirpool) – it if wasn’t for the youngest son alerting his mum that there was smoke coming from under the door she would have never known. We don’t want anyone else to experience this, so these are our top tips for tumble dryer safety.

  1. Always follow the manufacturers instructions
  2. Never leave your tumble dryer unattended or on over night
  3. Do not overload your machine
  4. Make sure that you have good ventilation and that any pipes connected are not bent or twisted
  5. Clean your filter every time you use your dryer
  6. If you can – get your machine serviced by a qualified engineer
  7. If your machine smells of burning, if your clothes take longer to dry or feel hotter when the cycle is finished you must turn the machine off, clean the filter and check the vent pipe – if you are concerned call the manufacturers helpline

Following these steps will help ensure that you are using your tumble dryer safely.