Why do I need to know what water pressure system I have?

A tap’s a tap, right? Well, it’s not quite that straightforward. When choosing new taps and showers for your home, you will benefit from having a little knowledge regarding the water pressure available and type of system you have installed. Understanding your installation will enable you to select the appropriate tap or shower to function … Continued

Types of Bathrooms to Consider for Your Home

When the opportunity to remodel your bathroom comes, you don’t need to limit your options based on the original type and design of the room. You must consider using different fixtures and a new layout as these improvements can make the money you spend on the remodel worth it. You have many types of bathrooms … Continued

Water pressure explained

It isn’t unusual for a homeowner to experience low water pressure problems at some point, whether it be a slow running tap or a washing machine that takes forever to finish its cycle. It is a common complaint that the Maintracts team encounter on a weekly basis. In this blog, we explore water pressure and … Continued

What is causing low water pressure in my house?

There is nothing more frustrating than looking forward to a refreshing shower after a long day, only to find that the showerhead is producing a slow dribble rather than the strong spray you long for.  Low water pressure can really affect your day-to-day living and it’s not just bathtime that is affected; your sink maybe … Continued

Best and Worst Energy Companies 2017

Which? returned with their annual best and worse energy supplier report earlier this year, and it was great to see the smaller energy companies topping the tables yet again! The questions covered complaints, value for money, accuracy and clarity of bills and more. Ovo Energy were at the top for a second year in a row, … Continued

Time to Spring Clean!

The clocks have gone forward and that little bit of extra sun is highlighting just how badly you need to get on with some spring cleaning. Fear not! Follow our quick guide on how to get on top of it Dusting: Make sure that aside from the obvious areas, you dust around skirting boards, light … Continued

How to recycle your electrical appliances

Have you recently had an electrical appliance break down on you? If you have, do you know how to dispose of it? You might be lucky to find a recycling bin for electrical goods on your street or in your local supermarket, but these are normally for smaller items such as mobile phones and batteries. So … Continued

Is your Carbon Monoxide Alarm Working?

We often read reports about CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning in the press, but it only really hits home when it happens to those close to you. A friend of a member of the Maintracts team recently had a close call when they heard a beeping noise coming from a CO alarm in their home. They … Continued

Save money this winter

The cold snap has here again! We all know that a cold winter means big bills in the new year, so what can you do to minimise the impact? 1. Replace your boiler Boilers contribute up to 55% towards your annual energy bills*, so it’s worth looking in to whether you could benefit from a … Continued

Gas Safety Week 2016

Gas Safety Week is finally here and we are proud to be supporting it again. We constantly try to educate our customers and keep them safe from the potential dangers of badly fitted and poorly services gas appliances. Without proper installation and care, these can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. It can, however, be … Continued